Northwestern Accessibility Research Registry

Are you visually impaired and interested in participating in research studies? Sign up for Northwestern University’s Accessibility Research Registry!

Click here to sign up for the registry.

Researchers at Northwestern are conducting multiple research projects that focus on understanding and designing new accessible technologies for people with vision impairments. The goal of the registry is to connect people with vision impairments with researchers who want to create and study new accessible technologies. All individuals who are age 18 or older, speak English, and identify as having a vision impairment may enroll in the registry. You can sign up for the Accessibility Research Registry by filling out this questionnaire or calling the registry coordinator at 847-467-2180.

If you agree to participate in the registry, you may be contacted by other researchers at Northwestern in addition to our research team. Research studies may involve surveys, interviews, technology testing sessions, or other activities. Some studies may take place in person for those located within or near Chicago, IL, USA. Other studies may take place online or over the phone. You will not be paid for signing up for the registry, but some research studies conducted through the registry may offer paid compensation for your time.

If you have signed up for the registry and would like to be removed at any time, you may email or call Marcia Hilliard at 847-467-2180 to be removed.

PI: Anne Marie Piper
Study Name: Northwestern Accessibility Research Registry
Study Number: STU00211160